Youth Athlete Special Interest Group


 The Youth Athlete Special Interest Group (SIG) promotes excellence in the practice, research, education, and professional development in the physical therapy care of the youth athlete.


  • Practice: promote and progress sports physical therapy for the youth athlete
  • Research: support youth athlete physical therapy research and scholarship
  • Education: define and enhance youth athlete physical therapy education
  • Professional Development: advocate and provide resources for mentorship and growth to physical therapists who treat the youth athlete
  • Engagement: facilitate member involvement and leadership
  • Sustainability: responsibly manage organizational resources
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Chair: Christopher Kovacs, PT, DPT
Vice-Chair: Marc Sherry, PT
Membership Lead: Kari Lindegren, PT, DPT
Communication Lead: Nicole Melfi, PT, DPT, ATC
Practice Lead: Mitchell Selhorst, PT, DPT
Education Lead: Elliot Greenberg, PT, DPT, PhD


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