Hip Special Interest Group


The Hip Special Interest Group (SIG) exists to bring together professionals who have a common interest in the hip joint and to better disseminate information through forums, meetings, and educational programming. As the Hip SIG develops, it intends to become a facilitator for research to not only better understand the function of the hip but also to improve clinical practices related to the management of hip dysfunction.


  • To provide useful and clinically applicable information.
  • To update SIG members on medical, surgical, and rehabilitation advancements related to the hip.
  • To facilitate future research related to hip function and pathology.
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Chair: Ben Kivlan, PT, PhD
Vice-Chair: Keelan Enseki, PT
Membership Lead: Katie Lynch, PT, DPT, ATC
Communication Lead: Nick Mahaffey, PT, DPT
Practice Lead: Ben Gelfand, PT, DPT and Brian Duncan, PT, DPT
Education Lead: Dawn Lorring, PT, MPT, MEd, Matt DeLang, PT, DPT,
                           and Philip Sheedy, PT, DPT


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